A little About us

Our founders loved beer so much, that they joined a growing band of brewers in a global craft movement that has changed beer forever.

From humble home brewing, they moved to a basic railway arch on Liverpool’s Love Lane.  If you love making beers and you’re on Love Lane, you would have thought the name of the brewery or the beer was kind of obvious? As it happened, they called the company The Liverpool Craft Beer Company (TLCBC) but they did brew Love Lane Pale Ale, which back in 2015, was Liverpool’s first commercially produced keg craft beer.

Love Lane was born!

From home brewing to an 8-barrel plant in the railway arch, they knew they had something and were making good beer.  The founders realised they needed bigger premises and that meant investment if they were going to expand.

Enter Stephen Crawley with a vision to return commercial brewing to Liverpool and build a brewery within sight of the Mersey that could easily be East or West Coast America. The connections between the city and the states drove an ambition to cement those links with styles of beer.

TLCBC had Love Lane as a potential brand name and had acquired a lease on an old rubber warehouse at 62-64 Bridgewater Street. The ambitions combined and Stephen set up a new business, acquiring TLCBC, the Love Lane Brand and the lease of the dilapidated building in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle.

To transform that warehouse into the vision would be expensive and consequently Stephen raised money via EIS and today the steel, refurbished brick, wooden floors and high ceilings is testament to that investment.  The result is our brand now has a real home, our company is now Love Lane Brewing and adjacent (through the glass) to Love Lane Brewery Bar and Kitchen. We’re not just about the beer though, our bespoke brewery is also home to The Ginsmiths of Liverpool where we distil one off’s and collaborations, as well as a stable of unique and well–loved gins such as Merchant NavyDry and the award winning Marshmallow

We like to say our Love Story is an adventure! From a railway arch to tomorrow and trust Love Lane’s future is as bright as the City it was born and lives in today.

Are you over 18 & love beer? And drink responsibly