We asked one of our online customers and supporters over in Milton Keynes to test our new DPD delivery service by ordering a mini cask of Higson’s American Pale. Heres the verdict

“Hello Gentlemen,

Thank you for your generous package that was delivered safely , undamaged and on time.

No damage at all was found to the exterior box .

When unpacked, the can appeared to be damp with some moisture on the top.

When wiped dry there appeared to be no leakage but the can was cold so I would put that down to condensation .

The can was left for 20 hours, untouched, which I might add is a world record for me and an unopened beer !!!!

When opened the contents were well pressurised and a very fine pint . I found no problems at all.

Thanks once again, always glad to help.

Hopefully we can meet again very soon when I next visit the brewery,

Stay safe and best wishes”

Milton Keynes Beer Lover

We are delighted that we can now send these all over the country.

Drop us an email [email protected] and we will let you know when we are going live with Mini Casks via DPD

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