If you have visited Love Lane Brewery Bar and Kitchen in the last few months, you may have seen a gentleman in a white coat beavering away at his little dinky still or our main Hagyo gin still as you look through to the brewery from the bar.
The man in the white coat is none other John O Dowd – John was the founder of Liverpool Gin but is now a shareholder in Love Lane Brewing and is our main distiller, He is passionate about gin and we are all excited by the feedback we have had on the experimental gins he has created.  We will be releasing these experimental range very soon with recommended serves and cocktails John and the team (plus friends of Love Lane) have created.
These will be the first of the Love Lane Gins and we are naming our distillery The Love Lane Distillery – maker of Love Lane gins and The Ginsmiths of Liverpool gins.  There will soon be gin miniatures and three packs – ideal for sampling and for secret santa presents……..Chin Chin!
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